Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions, which may be amended from time to time, apply to all services provided online, by e-mail, telephone or any mobile device. By browsing our website and/or making a reservation, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agreed to the terms and conditions described below (including the Privacy Statement). These pages, their content and infrastructure, as well as online accommodation booking services, which are provided on these pages and through this website (the "service"), belong to, are managed and provided by Geo Booking LTD ("Batumistay.com ", "company", "us", "we" or "our") and are provided for use, according to the conditions set out below.

1. Description of services

Via the website Batumistay.com the company provides a booking service for residential temporary accommodation facilities (apartments, apartments, private houses, guest houses and cottages, collectively referred to as the "accommodation facility"). When making a reservation through the website Batumistay.com the customer enters into a direct (legally binding) contractual relationship with the owner of the accommodation facility or another person authorized by him.
From the moment of booking, we act solely as an intermediary between you and the accommodation, transmitting the details of your order to the desired accommodation and sending the guest an electronic booking confirmation on behalf of the accommodation. Offered on the website Batumistay.com the information is based on information provided by the owners of the accommodation facilities. We do our best to ensure the high quality of the services provided, but despite this, Geo Booking LTD cannot guarantee the accuracy, completeness, accuracy and punctuality of the provision of all information by the accommodation facility, and we are not responsible for untimely, inaccurate, inaccurate information or its non-delivery, as well as for any costs incurred in connection with with the inability to use the website Batumistay.com due to a temporary breakdown and/or suspension of its operation.Responsibility for the accuracy, completeness of information (including prices and availability), accuracy of photos displayed on the website Batumistay.com , is borne by the owner of the accommodation facility.Website Batumistay.com is not and should not be considered as a recommendation or evidence in favor of the quality, level of services or rating of any proposed accommodation.

2. Tariffs and payment procedure.

All prices on the website Batumistay.com correspond to the prices set by the representative of the accommodation facility. To guarantee the reservation, a prepayment of 10 to 30 percent of the total cost of the stay is charged, depending on the location.
In addition, when paying for a reservation, depending on the chosen payment method, a payment system commission may be charged.
The prepayment amount is rounded to the nearest integer. Prepayment must be made no later than 3 business days from the date of invoice issuance. Payment of the remaining amount is made to the representative of the accommodation facility upon arrival at the accommodation facility. Accepted payment methods and payment processing deadlines are described on the page https://www.batumistay.com/ru/payments. Depending on the country, some types of payment may not be available. When paying for a reservation using a bank card, the issuing bank may charge an additional fee according to internal tariffs. When paying by money transfer or bank transfer, the guest must send a scan or a clear photo of the payment receipt to the manager's mailbox specified in the invoice batumistay.com . Otherwise, the order cannot be executed. The currency converter, as well as the prices indicated on the website in a currency other than the US dollar, are provided for informational purposes only and should not be considered as accurate and up-to-date, actual (current) prices may differ.

3. Confidentiality

Batumistay.com takes care of the safety of your personal data. Read the Privacy Statement and Cookies section for more information.

4. Free services

We provide our services completely free of charge. We do not charge for our work and do not impose additional booking fees on the cost of the accommodation. Despite this, when choosing individual payment methods, the payment system commission is charged.
In addition, the issuing bank may charge additional fees for servicing the bank card according to internal tariffs. In case of payment via money transfer systems, the commission may vary depending on the system.

5. Booking and Accommodation Rules.

By making a reservation, you agree to these terms and conditions of booking, as well as the rules of accommodation in the accommodation indicated on the page of the accommodation. The number of visiting guests (including adults and children over three years old) should not exceed the number indicated in the confirmation. Otherwise, the receiving party has the right to refuse to provide a place of accommodation, without compensation. By making a reservation, you undertake to maintain the rented property in good condition. In case of damage to household utensils or household electrical appliances due to your fault, you agree to full or partial compensation for the damage caused, depending on the agreement with the landlord. At the time agreed with you, the owner or his representative has the right to inspect the vacated premises for wear and tear in connection with your stay a few hours before your departure, or during your stay, in the case of a long-term lease.

6. Cancellation and modification policy

In case of cancellation, please contact the booking confirmation email and follow the instructions described. Please keep in mind that in accordance with the rules of the accommodation, as well as in some other cases, you may be charged a cancellation fee and you may not be able to claim a refund of the prepaid amount. We recommend that you carefully read the cancellation and no-show rules before booking. The cancellation policy and actions in case of no-show are indicated on the page of the accommodation and in the booking confirmation email.
There are three standard options for cancellation rules:
а) flexible rules.
In case of timely cancellation of the reservation, the prepayment is fully refunded minus the cost of processing the payment.
b) strict rules.
In case of timely cancellation of the reservation, 50% of the prepayment amount is refunded, minus the cost of processing the payment.
c) super strict rules.
Refunds of prepayment and compensation are not made.

The amount withheld will be credited to the account of the owner of the placement.
The deadline for timely cancellation and cancellation rules are set by the owner and are indicated on the page of the accommodation, as well as in the booking confirmation email.

If your booking provides for a refund, you need to make a request for a refund within 7 days after the cancellation of the booking. The refund is made within 7 banking days from the date of notification of the operator about the cancellation of the reservation and after filling out a special request form. GeoBooking LTD makes a refund, depending on the recipient's country, to a bank card (from which the booking was made) or via the Western Union money transfer system (in the name specified at the time of booking). Bank and other costs costs within 5% of the prepayment amount (rounded to the nearest integer) are paid at the expense of the recipient of the refunded amount. The refund procedure is described in detail on the REFUND page.
In case of non-notification of the cancellation of the booking by the operator of GeoBooking LTD, after 7 days after the cancellation, GeoBooking LTD does not accept claims for a refund.

Refunds of prepayment and compensation are not made in the following cases:
— no-show regardless of the reason;
— late cancellation of the reservation;
— check-in later than the arrival date (unless agreed in advance) regardless of the reason;
— early departure;
— if the guest has not fully or partially used the service provided to him in accordance with the order;
— if the prepayment was made by cryptocurrency;

If you are late on the day of check-in, arrive late or only the next day, inform the owner of the accommodation in a timely manner. Thus, the owner of the property will know when to expect you, this will help to avoid cancellation of the reservation and a fine for no-show. If necessary, our support service can contact the accommodation for you. Geo Booking is not responsible for the consequences of your late arrival, as well as the cancellation of the reservation or the no-show penalty charged by the accommodation.
If the guest has checked in, but has not fully or partially used the service provided to him in accordance with the order, he is obliged to pay the cost of actual accommodation according to the tariff set by the owner. In this case, the amount paid as a prepayment is not taken into account and cannot be refunded.
If you wish to change the booking dates, you need to contact the manager batumistay.com . After agreeing with the owner of the accommodation, we will make the necessary changes to the booking and recalculate the remaining amount.If the owner, for some reason, does not agree to provide accommodation for the requested dates, then you can leave the current booking unchanged or cancel it. In the latter case, a cancellation penalty may be withheld (see the cancellation policy).

7. Rebooking or Overbooking

We are constantly improving our booking system using the latest Internet technologies. Despite this, from time to time, a situation arises when the owner rents out housing to two guests at once. As a result of such an error, overbooking may occur, in which one of the guests is deprived of the rightful place of accommodation. In this case, our operators will offer you one or more equivalent accommodations. If the proposed accommodation does not suit you, we will refund you the amount of the prepayment in the amount of 100 percent. The return procedure is described in detail on the pagea MONEY REFUND.

8. Further correspondence

After successful completion of the prepayment, we send you an email with information about the relevant destination, certain data and special offers (including from third parties) related to your booking and destination. You must carry this booking confirmation with you during your trip. After you check out of the property, we may send you another email inviting you to complete our property review form.
Please see our Privacy and Cookies Statement for information on how we may contact you.

9. Rating and Guest Reviews

The default rating for properties on our site is "Recommended" (any similar wording can be used) ("Default Rating").
We also offer other ways to rate a property for your convenience.
Please note that the Default Rating is generated by a fully automated scoring system (algorithm) and is based on multiple criteria.

A completed review may be (a) posted on the property's relevant page on our site for the sole purpose of informing (future) customers of your opinion of the property, and (b) all or part of your review may be used by Geo Booking LTD to its sole discretion (for example, for marketing purposes, promotional purposes, or to improve the services provided by the company) on its website or other similar social media platforms, newsletters, special promotions, applications, or when using any other products owned by or controlled by Geo Booking LTD. The Company reserves the right to change, reject or withdraw reviews at its sole discretion. Feedback forms are sent out for the purpose of conducting a survey only and do not contain any further offers, invitations or incentives.

10. Disclaimer

Subject to the limitations set forth in these Terms and Conditions to the extent permitted by law, we shall only be liable for direct damages actually caused, paid for or caused as a result of our actual failure to fulfill our obligations, in the provision of services by us up to the aggregate amount of the prepayment indicated in the booking confirmation email (for one incident or a series of interconnected incidents).
Despite this, neither our company, nor our employees, partners and other companies or persons involved in the creation, promotion and any other activity aimed at maintaining this website are not responsible for:
(1) the services or products offered by the property;
(2) any inaccuracies regarding the descriptive information (including prices, availability and rating) of the property presented on the website
(3) any damages, fines, damages, losses, damage to reputation or damages arising in connection with the use, inability to use or interruption of the Batumistay.com website;
(4) any personal injury, death, property damage or other damage, loss or damage caused or paid for by you as a result of error, breach,
intentional misconduct, non-compliance, misinterpretation of civil liability or debt by the owner of the property,
including any cancellation (whether in whole or in part), overbooking, force majeure or any other uncontrollable event.

11. Miscellaneous

The company does not provide closing documents after booking payment. All special promotions and offers are marked accordingly. The provision of our services is regulated and performed in accordance with the legislation of Georgia. All disputes arising on the basis of these general terms and conditions and the services provided by us shall be considered exclusively in the competent courts of Georgia. Obvious errors (including typographical errors) are not legally binding.
GeoBooking LTD reserves the right, at its sole discretion and without further notice, to change this Agreement at any time.